Much work has already been done to make the vision for Mount Soma a reality:

  • The Visitor Center is Sri Somesvara Temple’s Welcome Center and hosts cultural celebrations, daily meditation, lectures, and picnics. It is the place to visit for food, beverages, and restrooms.
  • The Meditation Hall is used for group meditation twice daily, classes, lectures, and retreats.
  • The Student Union provides a place for course participants to stay, eat, and visit with others in the community.
  • Sri Somesvara Temple, through strict adherence to ancient Vedic principles, is dedicated to the practice of Vedic technology and the enlightenment of humanity.
  • The Yagya Shala is the outside structure where Sri Somesvara havans are generally performed.
  • Parks are being developed at various locations and offer meaning as well as a view.
  • Visitor Accommodations offer lodging for those who want to stay overnight at Mount Soma.
  • Mount Soma Property, for those who would like to own a home or property at Mount Soma.
  • Vastu is the architectural design, based on Vedic principles, used throughout Mount Soma.┬áVastu principles have been utilized in both the layout of the land and the buildings, to help bring the harmony of nature to each structure.

As each piece is added, Mount Soma becomes more powerful and alive. Like one visitor remarked, “It feels like a piece of heaven.” Everything is being done to evolve the awareness of people, and this is happening at a rapid rate at Mount Soma, creating the foundation for a Vedic enlightened city.

We invite everyone to tour the very serene, beautiful, and powerful Mount Soma.

mount soma