Discover the Reality Continuum
by Michael Mamas


When I was a little boy, I remember seeing a picture on an album cover of ancient Indian music. It illustrated a group of musicians playing in a courtyard to a king and queen in the balcony above. I was awestruck by the multiple, super-imposed stampings of the painting. At first, I wondered if it was a mistake. But upon noticing that everything else on the album cover was single stamped, I concluded that it was no error. It was done on purpose. The image touched a place inside me, a place that dwells within all of us, a place of innate deeper knowing.

The image spoke to me of a profound principle in nature, in fact, in physics. The intellectual understanding came years later after majoring in physics and mathematics as an undergrad. The picture illustrated the existence of what I have come to call the Reality Continuum. I found it most gratifying when, after many years of lecturing on the principle, I learned that some modern physicists were theorizing the existence of multiple realities.

However, the Reality Continuum is a much deeper theory than the simple notion of multiple realities and parallel universes. Our universe is a Reality Continuum: an infinite number of simultaneous realities coexisting in an uninterrupted spectrum permeating every point in existence.

To understand the notion of a Reality Continuum, it is essential that we understand the concept of a continuum, sometimes referred to as a gradient. There are all sorts of gradients. You experience a temperature gradient when you travel from the bottom of a valley to the top of a mountain. Every step of the way, any change in temperature is perceived as insignificant. Yet when you reach the top of the mountain, it is cold. In the valley it was hot. As we proceed up or down the continuum, the difference becomes substantial. Polar opposites, such as cold and hot, become unified through a continuum of no-difference every step of the way. Another temperature gradient is experienced without even moving. In the morning it is cool, but as the day progresses it becomes warmer and warmer even though you have not moved at all. Over a period of time, you have gone through a temperature gradient at one location.

Existence is structured as a reality gradient: a continuum of realities all simultaneously superimposed upon one another throughout the entire universe. Nature functions with a whole new set of laws for each step through the continuum, i.e., for each of an infinite number of realities. The laws of physics are unique in each reality. For example, on the surface of life, Newtonian laws of physics rule. On the Quantum Mechanical Level, an entirely different set of laws rule. On the Newtonian level, 1+1=2. On the Quantum Mechanical Level, this is not always the case. For example, a beam from a flashlight travels away at the speed of light. The beam from another flashlight pointed in the opposite direction also travels away at the speed of light. Yet modern physics tells us that if you were to ride one beam of light as it soared away from the other, it would clock their separation, not at twice the speed of light, but at the speed of light itself. In that case, 1+1=1.

In this age, our species innately strives to identify the one reality behind any and every situation. Even our legal system is based upon that premise. We draw a line in the sand and choose our side, clinging fervently to the reality of our choice, rejecting all others. Even now, physicists erroneously strive to create one reality model that describes the totality of existence.

Anything that exists, exists transgradiently. What does transgradient mean? “Trans” means across. To exist transgradiently means to exist across the reality gradient. You exist within that continuum. On the physical level, you’re a piece of flesh with qualities such as emotions and thoughts. Deeper than that, you are something deeper than the body, something more abstract, something centered more in feelings and thoughts than in physicality. And deeper still where your essence is, you are pure consciousness – thoughts, emotions, and physicality are simply more superficial expressions of what it is you truly are.

Every level of the reality continuum has a corresponding reality, each with a corresponding set of laws of nature. Moving a short distance from one reality to the next along the reality continuum seems insignificant. But huge leaps along the continuum create drastic changes in the laws of nature as exemplified by the example ‘we are separate in physical reality and we are one on the level of the Transcendent or Unified Field.’

As we enter into an age of greater wisdom, individuals will cultivate a state of awareness that moves freely through the Reality Continuum. We will not blindly align with the reality into which we have become indoctrinated. Instead, we will align with the reality that best serves the moment. Needless to say, our very definition of “truth” will change accordingly.

It is essential to not make the mistake of thinking that I’m describing the nature of “the one true mega-reality,” containing within it a number of different perspectives. It is imperative to distinguish that misconception from the understanding that there is a continuum of distinct and separate realities. It is similar to the principle illustrated by the old-time movie projectors. What was seen was a constant movement of an image upon a screen. But a deeper and more accurate truth revealed that, in fact, it was a series of separate and distinct frames projected in rapid sequence. The movement was nothing more than a trick played upon our perception. Like that, our universe is constructed of an infinite number of different realities co-existing in a continuum from one to the next. Adjacent realities seem similar enough that the distinction is not perceived. But by moving far enough along the reality continuum, the differences between realities becomes dramatic.

Throughout history, models of existence correlating to specific realities have grown in and out of popularity. For example, at one time, the yin and yang theory took precedence. Today, it has grown somewhat out of favor while the model of science has taken precedence. As times change, society begins to identify with a different reality and the wisdom contained in other teachings is lost or is at least no longer fully appreciated.

Understanding the interconnectedness between these realities will yield the next major breakthroughs in human endeavor and technological advancements. So, knowledge gained through yin and yang theory as well as the knowledge gained through modern science will co-exist and supplement one another.

For example, in the field of health, disease is sometimes best understood and approached through the perspective of the yin and yang theory. Other times, it is best understood in terms of traditional Western medicine. When we are able to embrace both realities simultaneously and use them in unison, whole new technologies are instantly revealed. This level of awareness, called transgradient integration, goes far beyond the notion of interdisciplinary study which simply strives to connect two or perhaps three different reality perspectives. I’m referring here to the implementation of an unlimited number of technologies, each correlating to a different reality. Furthermore, the basis of that implementation resides in a new, highly integrated mode of function of the implementer.

Freeing the individual’s awareness from identity with a limited number of paradigms enables the individual to freely identify and function through the reality most beneficial to the moment. Realities are then aligned with, not as a result of indoctrination, but the individual is free to work within realities that may be consciously unidentified, even by them. This is done in a completely spontaneous and natural manner. It is an advanced state of physiology. It is not merely a new perspective or field of study. The potential is staggering.

Not only people and things, but also principles exist transgradiently. A principle, i.e. a law of nature, is unique to its reality. However, it has corresponding related laws of nature in other realities. The principle connecting those laws reaches transgradiently throughout all levels of existence. This is why principles in economics relate to principles in biology. It is why mathematics applies not only to science but also to music. Every law of nature (as well as every object) emerges from the Transcendent in a transgradient continuum. All of existence is an inner connected continuum of not only objects, but also principles of nature.

For example, opposites attract is a transgradient law of nature that applies as a unique law of nature in each reality. In one reality, it refers to the interaction of positively and negatively charged particles. In another reality it applies to tendencies of human behavior. They parallel one another and are interconnected through the reality continuum, but are not exactly the same.

Everything is interconnected. Apparently contradictory theories, when understood in this context, can support and enhance our understanding of each. A simple example is illustrated by the ever-growing awareness of the interconnection of psychology with physical health. There are numerous models describing how the psyche functions. Likewise, traditional medicine describes how the body functions. Society is becoming increasingly aware of the interconnection between the two. So, when it comes to understanding an individual’s behavior, sometimes that person is best viewed as purely a psychological being. And other times, that person’s behavior is best considered to be a function of the physical body, biochemistry, etc. Correlations are being found between the state of physical health and the state of the psyche. In fact, all fields of interdisciplinary study make some strides in the direction of interconnectedness. But as a species, we have only begun.

© Michael Mamas, 10/05