Advanced Techniques Course

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This winter’s Advanced Techniques Course will launch the next phase of your spiritual evolution. Opening the doorway to an unlimited number of meditation experiences, this course is taught as a series from one year to the next. Our teacher, Michael Mamas, is so excited to bring these new techniques to the group! If you could only attend one course, make this it!

“These Advanced Techniques are a game changer!” – Dave Ehmke

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Note: If you have already attended the Advanced Techniques Course Phase 1, click here for the refresher course option with no course fee.

The Advanced Techniques Course

  • Brand new material from Michael Mamas!
  • One Year Program – Includes the 8-day course with free, convenient follow-up throughout the year

You’ve laid the foundation. Now, it’s up to you to turn on the lights!

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Questions and Answers

Q: What is the Advanced Techniques Course?
A: Dr. Michael Mamas is offering Advanced Techniques to those who have laid a foundation in the Transcendent with the Surya Ram Meditation. The Advanced Techniques Course is structured similarly to other retreats, incorporating group talks, multiple meditation rounds, and optional events at Sri Somesvara Temple. With the Advanced Techniques, the meditation practice becomes truly delightful and fascinating. Says Michael Mamas, “All the different levels of existence and much more become accessible to you as the limitless fabric of the Transcendent integrates with your physiology on all levels of your being.”

Q: Where do these Advanced Techniques come from?
A: The techniques are there in the Vedic Literature, but the understanding and translation of them has remained obscured. It is the Master who lives this Knowledge from within his own being, who can understand and share this great treasure with others. Dr. Mamas found these techniques within himself, and they were then confirmed by Pandits and Vedic literature.

Q: Are these techniques unique?
A: Certainly there are Enlightened Masters tucked away in the caves of the Himalayas who know these techniques. However, we know of nowhere in the world, other than Mount Soma, where you can learn them.

Q: Who is this course for? Are there any prerequisites?
A: If you have been practicing the Surya Ram Meditation regularly for at least a year and are ready to take your meditation to the next level, this course is for you! To take advantage of this opportunity in 2018, you can learn the meditation now for free.

Q: What if my meditations aren’t very ‘good?’ For example, my mind is always wandering, or I’m not aware of anything. Am I ready for the Advanced Techniques Course?
A: Those experiences are normal in the proper practice of the Surya Ram Meditation. Remember that this meditation is both effortless and purifying. The Advanced Techniques help to cultivate a meditation experience that many might consider ‘good.’

Q: Do I need to have learned the Sutras?
A:It is recommended that a person learn the Sutras before taking the Advanced Techniques Course this winter, though it is not a requirement for this winter’s course. However, it will be required for continuing these Advanced Techniques courses beyond this winter’s course.

Q: If I have the Sutras, isn’t that enough?
A: The techniques taught in the Advanced Techniques Course provide a bigger engine that propels you more quickly along the evolutionary path.

Q: What is the price of the course?
A: Full information on pricing as well as course options will be posted soon.

Q: If I can’t make it this winter, can I take the course later?
A: At this point, we are not certain when that might happen.

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